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Welcome to Our Website!

The Story Place is a storytelling venture. We conduct storytelling workshops to encourage the reading habit amongst children and to build in them a love for books. Our storytelling workshops are more than just reading a story from a book, because we teach through our stories. Here’s a short example:

As we narrate the above story, we work with children to figure out ways to keep the Demon’s food warm. Children explore utensils made from different materials and conclude which utensils should be used for cooking food and which ones should be used for storing food. Later, children explore different clothing material and conclude which material can be used to stitch a coat for the Demon.

By listening to the story and participating in its activities, children learn the concept of “good and bad conductors of heat” and “insulation”.

Our storytelling sessions give a whole new face to the learning process. Children come together to listen to a story and do some activities, and in the bargain they also learn some bit of Math, Science, Geography or English language skills.

If you like what you have read so far, and would like to know more about our storytelling workshops, then drop us an email at info@thestoryplace.in.